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All civil cases must be e-filed!

All civil cases and filings are required to be e-filed per the Illinois Supreme Court, unless you qualify for an exemption.  Along with the mandate, the Supreme Court approved configuration and electronic document standards to create a more consistent statewide filing system. You must include your email address on all filings and if you are an attorney, you must include your ARDC number on all filings submitted.

For more information on requesting an exemption from e-filing, see the Supreme Courts webpage

For quick access & get started, choose a program here! Many types of filings require a fee to be submitted along with your documents. To see a list of fees, additional information relative to a specific type of filing, please visit

Civil case types are as followed:

  • Adoption (AD)
  • Arbitration (AR) 
  • Chancery (CH)
  • Dissolution with Children (DC)
  • Dissolution without Children (DN) 
  • Eminent Domain (ED)
  • Eviction (EV)
  • Family (FA)
  • Foreclosure(FC)
  • Governmental Corporation(GC)
  • Guardianship (GR))
  • Lawsuits (other then those filed in Small Claims court) - (LA)
  • Law (LM)
  • Mental Health (MH)
  • Miscellaneous Criminal (MX)
  • Miscellaneous Remedy (MR)
  • Orders of Protection (OP)
  • Probate (PR) 
  • Small Claims (SC)
  • Tax (TX)
  • Wills (W)

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